Saturday, January 26, 2013

MSL 2013 Patch v3.0

This patch is standalone version and will not affect with others patch. Please refer to installation section to install the patch. I will not responsible for any damage caused by this patch. Feel free to give a comment to our forum.

Full Features:
*Compatible with DLC 3.00 and Konami 1.01
*Included latest kitserver13 v13.1.1.0
*New League: Malaysia Super League & Malaysia Premier League
*New National Team: Malaysia, Malaysia U22, Classic Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Laos, Myanmar (AFF Suzuki Cup 2012 Teams)
*Complete AFC Champion League Clubs 2013
*New kit for MSL club 2013 season
*Created a lot of missing player for MSL and MPL clubs
*Update lineup for almost clubs
*Malaysia and Indonesia Nationality playable in BAL
*Auto Corner Flag by Ali Hector
*Add new face for Malaysian player *Remove blur effect
*HD Turf
*New launcher - selector for graphic mods

How to Install:
1. Update DLC 3.00. (Use DLC Updater)
2. Download “MSL 2013 Patch v3.0.rar” and extract file.
3. Install the patch using “Setup.exe” file to your PES 2012 directory.
4. Start your game by click “MSL 2013 Launcher” icon on your desktop.
5. Make your selection for the game to play.
6. Click Play to start you game.

1. Please backup everything before installing this patch or editing some part.
2. If you having a problem, please report in our forum at
3. If you feel player stats are not correct please post new stats at our forum.

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#Please PM me if your name is not listed for your artwork in this patch.




Download MSL 2013 Patch v3.1 (FIX):

This patch will update and fix some features:
1. Fix missing kit
2. Fix MPL league structure for ACL mode
3. New Kits - Perlis, POS Malaysia, KL SPA,
4. New Menu Icon - In Selector
5. Update Malaysia Squad

Download MSL 2013 Patch v3.2 (FIX):

This patch will update:
1. New kits - Darul Takzim, Pahang, UiTM, PDRM
2. New Emblem - Kelantan FA
3. Add Malaysia National Anthem
4. New Supporter Banner - Malaysia, Kelantan, Darul Takzim, Perak, Pahang, Selangor

And fix:
1. Fix Argentina Kit

Download MSL 2013 Patch v3.3 (FIX):

This patch will fix:
1. Fix missing kit
2. Fix Malaysia kit - black collar for Home kit
3. Fix Indonesia player face


admin , saye punye pes 2013 masih suci lagi , kalau nak wat jd MSL 2013 , cume kne donlod file2 yg kat atas tu je kan ?

yes...lepas download tu install je file2 tu

xblh buka la....dh ikut arahan tp kluar cmni:

"could not complete operation on some files and directories. see the data property of the exception for more details."

bro...apsal ble bkak je yg baru ni cm ade problem je?? baju2 sume da betul tp sampai line-up,muka n nama team utk MSL n MPL x betul je??? camne ek??

bro aku dh install patch, tp dlm competition still xde liga.. ke mmg xde??

yes,aku da dpt giler..
terbaik la admin razor..
klau ada patch terbaru cepat2 upload..

yes...aku da dpat main..
terbaek ar admin..
best giler..

admin ap password rar... download dari zippyshared

admin.. kalo guna pes2012 boleh tak??

kalo pakai pes 2012 boleh tak??

admin..kalau saya update DLC 4.0...bleh x install patch ni...????

ADmin saya punya DLC 4.0...bleh x install patch nie??????

hanya compatible dengan DLC 3.00 je..

Tolong ne nak download pes MSL2013 ni mlalui internet. bleh sapa2 bantu..please

Admin , saya dah dowload part 1234 . Patch v3.1 v3.2 v3.3 nak kena dowload sekali ke ?

admin ,,..nape computer jadi stop working ble bukak pes malaysia ney..

x boleh main lha . nak wat macam mne ? dea tliss
d3dx9_30.dll is missing from your computer /
mcm mne ?tlong admin ...

aku punye xbley main .. asal ?? tlong2 ..

Minta Tolong Sesiapa ade setup pes 2013...saye x de nie,penat je download kalau x de setup pes 2013

sesiapa ade setup pes 2013 ...saye nk pless..admin ade x setup pes 2013

sesiapa ada setup pes 2013...saye nk plees

Admin ade x setup pes 2013.sebb nk buka msl.dye tulis Pes 2013 not been installer...saye nk setupnye admin pless

boleh main laptop netbook ka admin

admin mcm mane nak tukar nama or nama negeri?

mcm mane nak edit nama negeri atau player?

admin , saya dah install semua , tapi bila saya tekan shortcut MSL2013 , tiba2x tak ada respon .. @ tak boleh main ..

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