Sunday, October 14, 2012

MSL 2013 Patch v1.0 by RaZoR

This patch is standalone version and will not affect with others patch. Please refer to installation section to install the patch. I will not responsible for any damage caused by this patch. Feel free to give a comment to our forum.

Full Features:

*New League: Malaysia Super League & Malaysia Premier League

*New National Team: Malaysia
*New Club: Pelita Jaya
*New Face: Most of Malaysian player
*Correct kits for all clubs and some national team 
*Malaysian player playable in BAL mode
*Including DLC 1.00
*Remove blur effect

How to Install:

1. Download “MSL 2013 Patch v1.0.rar” and extract file.

3. Install the patch using “Setup.exe” file to your PES 2013 directory.
4. Start your game by click “MSL 2013 Launcher” icon on your desktop.
5. Make your selection for the game to play.
6. Click Play to start you game.


1. Please backup everything before installing this patch or editing some part.

2. If you having a problem, please report in our forum at
3. If you feel player stats are not correct please post new stats at our forum.


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reUpload by rain93 ( Gamefront Link)

PART 1 -
PART 2 -
PART 3 -


Password: razoredit



sy dh copy crack fix..kenapa msih xdpt juga?

DLC guna yang mana? 1.00 atau 2.00? kalau guna DLC 2.00 memang tak jadi....

dlc???? what is that??? can admin give an instructions to install this?

admin..saya dah run knapa kelab lain yg msuk??? bukan kelab yg ada kat mlysia...and before that,kat skrin ada juga tulis ni " Unable to load because data is from different version. Download new content to update data ". sedangkan saya download MSL 2013 Patch v1.0

pes 13 version ape perlu admin v1 ke

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